The Process

We give all of our dogs vitamins and glucasomine since they are just puppy’s to get them off to a great start.


The moment our female is bred, we give her high quality prenatal vitamins every day. The prenatals are a blend of vitamins and minerals that work to provide the essential nutrients for the development of healthy newborn puppies. On top of that, we work hard to give the expecting momma high quality food everyday to assure she and her babies have the best nutrition possible.


As the due date approaches, we are constantly checking in on her to reassure we are there as she delivers the first pup. Although we don’t have to do much work during labor, we do make sure they have a warm environment to come out to and are kept warm while their siblings are arriving. We give the mom calcium during labor to reenergize her and give her the strength to keep pushing through the hardest part of it all for her, delivering the puppies. We also give colostrum to the newborns that’s appetite is not the best. Colostrum gives them energy and the appetite to nurse well and obtain their needed nutrition.

Taking Care of the pups

From the time they are born we are taking excellent care of each and every one of those beauties. Since we are worried that the mother might accidentally squish one of the pups, we are there every 2 hours around the clock to bring mom to the newborn pups so they can nurse. This is very exhausting as we do it for the first 3 weeks of the puppies lives but  but we will do anything that we feel is best for our puppies health and well being. Mom and the pups spend lots of time together but we always are there to monitor them to make sure everything is alright. We take all of our puppies to the vet so she can examine them completely. From how they look, to the eyes, hips, and heart.

How to place a deposit for an upcoming litter or reserve a puppy

  • First step would be to call me at (803) 230-4881 so I can answer any of your questions and so I can let you know what spot in the litter is available. I will also ask you some questions to get to know you a little better.
  • Next, you would go to the “Our Puppies”  section of the website, scroll down all the way to the bottom and click on “Puppy Application”. Fill that form out and once you click submit, I should get it instantly. I will review the application and if everything looks good, I will give you a call.
  • Then, I will send you the deposit contract and then the invoice. Deposits are $500. We will keep you updated on her pregnancy and let you know when she gives birth so you can make plans to come and visit us to choose your puppy.
  • We will send you pictures of your puppy every week as he/she grows. You are welcome to come visit the puppies any time after they turn 8 weeks. When the time has come, you can pick up the puppy at 8 weeks of age.